Max Fit Sports Nutrition

Max Fit Sports Nutrition is the premiere supplement and Sports Nutrition store in the Panama City Beach area.  Located in Pier Park North, Max Fit prides itself in carrying  the top brands in the supplement industry from across the country.  We have a sample bar for our customers to “try before you buy” because we believe in our products.  Max Fit also provides meal plans from a staff trained in Sports Nutrition to help our customers reach their fitness goals.  In addition to our wide variety of quality supplements, we also carry gym apparel and accessories including lifting gloves, belts, straps, wrist and knee wraps, Versa Gripps, men’s and women’s clothing, Blender Bottles, and 6 Pack Bags. 

  If you are tired of buying supplements with your hard earned money that just don’t live up to the hype, come see us in Pier Park North at Max Fit Sports Nutrition and utilize our sample bar and see the difference for yourself.  We are locally owned and operated and provide local, military, and first responder discounts.  Take your body to the Max at Max Fit Sports Nutrition!


  • Phone: 850.708.3051
  • 15700 Panama City Beach Parkway
  • Suite/Unit: 380

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